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Baby Steps specializes in leather babyshoes for your baby, safe and enjoyable to play at home.
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The idea of babyshoes to sell online is the result with regularity to hear some stories of young mothers that it is difficult with a wide choice in stone shops to succeed. Often there is too little choice and prices are on average between € 25.00 and € 30.00 for a pair. In the meanwhile that is our experience too and we have through our network abroad found a factory where we deal directly participate.

Ethnicity and range of provision:

All babyshoes are hand made at the factory and there is a choice of more than 300 different models. BabySteps, among 40 different mothers in different environments, a study containing a top 20 selected models that are currently in our range. To distinguish us from other online stores, the price is usually decisive, we can only achieve that by large orders. The stocks are therefore our own external warehouse / garage with 24 hour access. For us is the fun and nice reactions more important than the margins on it.
The materials:

The materials of all babyshoes are of high quality leather materials used in factory color and are made by hand. Also, the precise motives gestickt and the finish is sublime. The sole is made of suede which is important for grip on slippery floors. For the fit it are extremely soft babyshoes because the leather is elastic around the entrance hall which is nice for attracting the baby shoe and the fit. There is now way that the babyshoes went of during the whole day.

The sizes:

Initially we focus on the babies and toddlers up to the walking stage to have something on the feet available in 6 sizes. Extra Small: Sole 10,2 cm (indicative 0-6 months), Small has a sole measure of 11.3 cm (indicative 0-15 months) and Medium has a sole measure of 12.8 cm (indicative 12-18 months), Large Sole13,5cm (indicative 16-24 months) and Extra Large: Sole14,2 cm (indicatief 22-32 months) and Extra Extra Large: Sole15,8 cm (indicatief 28-38 months).


Anno 2012 it starts getting younger that mothers and babies see the babyshoes as a modern fashionable lifestyle product. You want your little one looks good. Therefore the range is important and attuned so that everyone can find an appropriate model and we see more and more mothers ordering multiple models to do some alternating. Not illogical because you have to admit, "How many shoes do you own?".


Baby Steps is started from February 2012 with the objective to be 1 of the larger babyshoes online stores since the products are suitable for a wide audience. This audience consists of young mothers and not to forget the family, friends and acquaintances that the babyshoes gift can do. The most important objective is the fun and receive the great responses to our catalog and shop. While it's fun abides Babysteps online.
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