New Products
  1. wintershoes glamour eskimo

    Winter Glamour Eskimo

    As low as €26.95
  2. winterslofjes gevoerd effen zwart glamour edition

    Winterslofjes PoleStar

    As low as €26.95
  3. winterslofjes bont gevoerd beige kleur

    Winterslofjes Glamour Blizzard

    As low as €24.95
  4. winterslofjes met bont babysteps epic

    Winter Glamour Epic

    As low as €24.95
  5. baby shoes army print camo

    Baby shoes Camo Green

    As low as €19.95
  6. baby shoes plain blue suède

    Baby shoes Plain Blue Suède

    As low as €22.95
  7. babyslofjes effen bruin

    Baby shoes Plain Brown

    As low as €19.95
  8. Babyshoes Plain Terracotta

    Babyshoes Plain Terracotta

    As low as €19.95
  9. Babyshoes Classic Black

    Babyshoes Classic Black

    As low as €24.95
  10. Babyshoes Plain Grey

    Babyshoes Plain Grey

    As low as €22.95

For anyone who is Shop nowing for modern baby shoes online:

Order now the latest trends in baby shoes online. The babysteps shop offers a wide range of baby shoes at very low prices. See also occasionally our Sale for great deals. Whether it is for young mothers who want for their baby nice shoes, or for the group of people who visit the new born baby or organize a baby shower, there is a alot of choice and for every child to find an appropriate model. The range is selected and babysteps trying to be unique in its models. Regularly we review the range and adjusted where necessary and is listened to by the customer on a regular basis to place a poll. The quality is very important, the baby shoes are made from the finest materials and are extremely supple leather which is very important for the development of the foot. In addition, the properties of leather sublime because they are warm in the winter and feel cool in summer, and can be used all the year round. The sole is just as important as tires under a car and are made of suede which is known for excellent grip on all floors and highly flexible so keenly felt to have contact with the floor, very important if your child still in the crawling stage and already exploratory the first steps. The latest online baby shoes in various sizes and variation.

The name baby steps says it all, literally and figuratively a step forward. This is reflected in the measurements of the baby shoes, customers who start with the size small, are ordering a few months later the medium and so on. There are 7 sizes available and reaches an age limit of 0-52 months, obviously this is different for every baby. Variety is important today, same as several pants or shirts, you also have several nice combinations baby shoes that you can show your little one so regularly in a new outfit. Online ordering is simple and easy to use and navigate through the store quickly. With babysteps customer service is central, always a large online selection of boys and girls with enough stock, 24 hour ordering and IDeal orders are dispatched the same day. Since May we ship to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. If you have any questions, please contact us. BabySteps wish you much fun as your search for the latest trends in baby shoes! Online shopping? Of course at! Also take a look now on the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages of Baby Steps!

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